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The Sum of Our Parts

“The whole is greater that the sum of its parts” – Aristotle

Aristotle was right. What I’m doing with these assemblages of images of the same parts of literally hundred of people is analogous in many ways my infamous Great Wall of Vagina. By their accumulation and juxtaposition the array takes on greater significance than the sum of the individual parts. That is represented most significantly in my charity posters and in the new Bra Spangled Banners series.

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The portfolios below demonstrate in more detail the individual shots that I’ve created over the last five years to make up these collages of parts. From the high resolution details of the fabrics to the soft presentation of the skin tones yet close examination of the body, they have an intimate fasciation. I have a library of literally hundreds of images with which I’ll be constructing many more collages.

When displayed in a group they have a different aesthetic and meaning than alone but the focus on just one or a few parts is beautiful in its own right. After many requests they are now for sale or commission in any combination that appeals. Only a small selection is shown here, just to give a flavour of this very intimate method of working.

You may wish to read the Commissioning FAQ page for more information and then get in touch to share your ideas. Discretion assured.

Commercial enquiries also welcome.

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