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Breast Cancer Charity Posters

The first in a series of fundraising posters I’ve designed for cancer charities, using my Sum of Our Parts photographs. Cancer is the scourge of modern living. With over 1/3 of us expected to have a cancer in our lifetime, everybody is affected. By these artworks raising money they have a direct effect on the issue. 25% of sales of these posters goes to Breast Cancer UK.

One in eight women will get breast cancer. In what is described by some as an epidemic, it is increasingly understood that environmental factors play a huge part. BCUK is a small charity working on a prevention strategy that I believe is an excellent approach rather than focussing simply on a cure.

Price: £12 plus postage

UK A2 size
42 x 59.4 cm / 16.5 x 23.4 inches

They can be purchased directly via my webshop on The Great Wall of Vagina site.

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Printed on 150gsm silk paper, delivered in a strong, wide, cardboard tube to prevent damage or curling.
Easily and cheaply framed in a standard UK A2 frame!

I created these posters in the same way as my larger Physical Photography body portraits using a converted document scanner as my camera. The process slightly abstracts the body in an almost comical, cartoon-like way producing images that are at the same time realistic but non-representational. They are analogous in some ways to The Great Wall of Vagina, by having hundreds of images of different women in a grid they demonstrate human variety as a whole and do not objectify the individual. They neatly sidestep pornographic or erotic connotations, instead showing the body and underwear in a new and highly original way.

Model for my posters…

Further posters in the series will be similar, featuring pants, groins, bums and faces to highlight and raise funds to tackle other cancers. I desperately need literally hundreds of models in order to complete them. If you like what I’m doing please do email me. I literally can’t do it without you. I have studios in the UK and Florida but can also scan you anywhere I’m travelling as my equipment is mobile so do get in touch! You may wish to read the Models page for more information. Discretion assured.

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