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Purchasing FAQ

“Art is not an investment. Art is something you buy because you are financially solvent enough to give yourself the pleasure of living with great works rather than having to just see them in museums” – Arne Glimcher

Purchasing Overview

Please review our Terms and Conditions page prior to purchasing work.

Purchasing an artwork by me is a pretty straightforward process. If you know what you’d like you can just enquire by email giving me the delivery country and address and I can give you a total price including packing and shipping. If you are local or want to arrange your own transport we can accommodate that of course as well. If you have any questions about an artwork, such as sizing or its appropriateness for a particular setting, please feel to email or phone to seek my advice. I’m am often able to make a no obligation visit to your home or office to help you choose a piece. I can offer ideas about what would look good where and whether a commissioned piece may be more appropriate instead etc. Me and my team can also be involved in hanging or installing artworks, should you require. Payment can be taken in one go or in instalments and can be made via credit or debit card, direct bank transfer or in cash. Shipping can be paid directly to our agents.

Glossary of terms

Limited Edition: This means the artwork will only be reproduced the stated number of times and then will be discontinued. The edition number will be clearly marked like this: 1/10, which shows this is the first of a total edition of ten. The purpose of limiting an edition is to keep the artwork rare. It can often increase in value once the edition runs out. Since they are no longer available from the artist a secondary market develops and the value of the piece in then set by market forces. A popular item may increase in value many times. In fact the price I charge for the artwork will often increase as the limited editions sells. Therefore the first in the edition may cost considerably less than the last one.

Unique: If an artwork is described as unique it means is a one-off that the artist has made and which will never be reproduced the same again. These pieces will often be the most sought after by collectors in years to come as there will only ever be one of them.

Artist’s Proof: The artist may make test pieces or one or two copies of a piece, which he may keep for himself. Artist’s Proofs are not included in the limited edition. They may be even more valuable in the future and are highly sought after by some collectors.

Purchasing a Photograph

All my photographs are produced as limited editions, usually at three sizes. They are printed using an archival C-type photographic process on Fuji’s premium ‘Pearl’ paper, which reflects light back through the pigments and resembles the on screen images more closely than any other printing process. Similar to a metallic paper, it gives the skin tones a lustrous sheen and the colours are luminous and vibrant. They are sold either print only or ready to hang using the classic acrylic face-mounting process where the print is sandwiched between a high-gloss, clear acrylic sheet, and an aluminium backing plate. The refraction of light through the acrylic sheet gives a high definition effect and brilliant colour, with stunning flawless results that will last for many years.

Acrylic face-mounting eliminates the need for a picture frame and is now widely used for photographic work in galleries and museums. It is roughly equivalent in price to traditional glass and wood framing but is much more contemporary, lightweight, super easy to hang. It also avoids the double reflections caused by the glass and the print in traditional framing. They are also easily transportable with much less packing required than glass framed prints. This is my preference for how these images should be displayed and all galleries show them this way because they are just a fabulous looking object. If however you prefer to buy just the print only they will be expertly rolled and packed by my printers. All prints come either stamped, signed and numbered on the back or with a stamped, signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Choose a size of print according to your budget and suitable for the anticipated location. Edition size, dimensions and pricing information on are each photo’s page along with a ‘purchase enquiry’ button which will create and enquiry email in which you may ask any further questions.

Purchasing a Sculpture

Purchasing FAQ Jamie McCartney

Sculptures are available to buy as seen in the photos but may occasionally be available in varying colours or very occasionally in different sizes as shown above. We can also produce some of these pieces as a miniature or enlargement and in varying colours or patinas by special order. Some pieces can also be made either free standing or wall hanging. Please enquire as appropriate. Edition size, dimensions and pricing information are on each sculpture’s page along with a purchase enquiry button. Easy! When you have selected a piece you would like to enquire about please email or call or use the purchase enquiry link, giving your delivery address and country so we can give you a quote including packing and shipping. We are often able to assist with installation of sculptures if required.