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Modelling Information

“Modelling, for me, isn’t about being beautiful but creating something interesting for people to look at and think about”  Kylie Bax

Almost everything I make these days begins with the model. Without a model as my starting point I’m nothing but a victim of my own imagination. So really it’s a mercy mission and this is my cry for help! Yes I need you – I need a lot of you. Some of my artworks require the collaboration of literally hundreds of strangers to turn up and lend themselves to my work because they believe in what I’m doing, are curious about my processes or sometimes just for a laugh with some mates. For whatever reason, you are welcome…

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For certain one-off pieces, for which I need a specific look, I do offer paid modelling work. However because I often need hundreds of people for many of my pieces it generally has to be voluntary. I simply can’t pay out for the help on pieces that may take me years to finish and in many cases won’t even be for sale. So I really honour all the very lovely people who just want to do it coz they do… Please see below the current projects I need models for. Please do email or phone me to ask about getting involved. If you are professional model looking for work please send images or a link to your online portfolio.

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Genital Casting for Sculptures

Four hundred women participated by having their vulvas cast for The Great Wall of Vulva, an iconic piece of feminist art, intended to change the lives of women forever. I’m now making more artworks using people’s genitals; from vagina walls to penis flags it’s all go! Collectively I call these pieces Genital Anaesthetic and literally anyone can participate. You just need to be shaved or closely trimmed down there or it’s impossible to make a good casting. The next vulva wall will be over 500 casts so don’t be shy! I’m also looking for some specific people too – see the list below. Most of these pieces have a strong socio-political or educational purpose so you’ll not only help me make my art, you’ll be changing the world too. What’s not to like? All the casts are made in the same way, using a moulding compound called alginate. It’s the same stuff dentists use inside the mouth to mould teeth. No plaster goes anywhere near your delicate parts. So it’s perfectly safe, fast and fun. Get brave, bring a mate and come on down. What better start to a trip to the seaside? 🙂

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Vulvas and Penises – we’re continuing our work demonstrating genital diversity so do come and get involved. We’re also demonstrating the changes that happen with arousal if you’re cool with that (see below).

Mondcivitano (Women of the World) – Meaning World Citizen in Esperanto, this project will celebrate the women of the world. We are seeking one volunteer from each country to be cast. If you are from overseas and are visiting or you live here, then come and get involved. To read more about the project and for a list of countries that still need to be cast please visit the Mondcivitano page on The Great Wall of Vagina website.

State of Affairs (Women of the USA) – due to the great number of American women who get in touch but are disappointed to discover that USA has already been cast for Mondcivitano we have decided to cast a woman from every state in the Union. Your Country Needs YOU!! If you are visiting the UK definetly get in touch via the contact page and keep an eye out on our social media for where I’ll next be in the USA. I also have a studio on South Florida if that is easier for you to get to…

Extremes – Another way to demonstrate human diversity is to concentrate on extremes or on certain tropes. Thus we are also seeking men and women who fit into these categories: If you have particularly LARGE or SMALL LABIA, CLITORIS or PENIS or you have anything you consider or know is UNUSUAL down there like large or multiple piercings, hypertrophia, hyperelasticity, looseness, openness, asymmetry, interesting shapes etc and are willing to anonymously share it with the world then do get in touch. For many people, modelling for these works has been a real catharsis that alleviates personal anxieties. or it’s just a chance to show off! I could also use you for my scanning projects too…

Before and After – Other themes include before and after having a first baby, before and after Labiaplasty and before and after gender reassignment treatment FTM or MTF.

Arousal (Male and Female) – To demonstrate how vulvas change as much as penises during arousal this new series involves taking a mould before and then during self-stimulation. The visible differences between these states can be minor or profound but are all worth capturing. We respect your privacy to stimulate in private until you are ready for us. Couples of any gender are particularly encouraged to participate.

Identical twins, mums and daughters – We are making panels of these specific pairs but it is so hard to find both parties willing to do it. So if you think your twin sister, mother or daughter would be up for it then do ask!

FGM – I am also seeking woman who have been subject to Female Genital Mutilation to be cast for a new piece intended to raise money and awareness for the cause. FGM is a growing problem in the UK. I’m working with UK FGM charities to realise this project.

Internal Vagina Casting – Similar to the external casts but a lot more in depth. Not for the fainthearted but the results are spectacular when cast in lead crystal glass. The project, called Internal Affairs, must be the last taboo in art – casting the inside of people. Curiosity got the better of me and so, after seeking medical advice, I developed a unique, safe and fast way to make the mould. If you are curious and crazy enough then this one may be for you…

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Body Casting for Sculptures

Bodies and parts – I’m always stealing body parts to make my figurative sculptures and needing bodies to experiment on with new casting ideas. So if you’re happy to be moved into different positions and stared at and drawn on as I look for new ways to cast people and new poses/parts/cut lines etc then that would be marvellous! I may make some casts as well when I find the poses and parts I’m seeking.

I also need models for portrait sculptures and castings as well as for full body sculptures. If you are interested in participating in any of the above and would like more information do email to ask about getting involved.

Scanner Photography

My photographic images are made using an adapted document scanner as my camera, which I lay on the body to scan a person in sections. I need many people for these and literally anyone can come and do it. The idea is to show natural bodies in all their beauty without the airbrushed perfection we are used to. My work attempts to be more real. For some projects I just need parts (bras, pants, bums, boobs & groins ) which I use to make up arrays of images, similar in a way to The Great Wall of Vagina. For other projects I’m looking for models for complete body portraits made up of many images collaged together. It’s a fun and implicitly collaborative process. See the project specifics below:

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Body Portraits – is a series of whole or partial body portraits which seek to express the personality of the model through their pose and the props and clothes they bring. We work together on the day and see what we can come up with. For these it would be great to see some photos of you so I can think about how I might use you for the next series.

Underwear – I’m creating a series of works using the colours of people’s underwear to construct images such as the Bra Spangled Banner series and the breast cancer fundraising posters I designed using my Sum of Our Parts series. I need literally hundreds of people so grab your smalls and come on down. To participate please bring ALL your colourful, lacy, sexy, see through, funny, kinky etc bras and pants and swim wear…

Tattoos – Tats just look really great using this process. Whether your covered or still under construction I want you! I can use you in all the photography projects I’m doing so if it’s a butterfly on your groin, roses round your middle or some wicked sleeves I’m keen for you to get involved and immortalise that ink in some artworks. If you’re a tattoo artist then lets talk… I’d love to record your work and you must know all kinds of inked up peeps….

Hair – I’m working on some kiss portraits and other pieces for which I need all kinds of funky hair. If you have crazy coloured or super long and just fabulous hair I want you and you’ll get a copy of your portrait for your trouble…

Pubic Hair – Is there anybody out there?? No but seriously folks I’m worried that pubes are in decline and I want to save them for future generations to enjoy… I’m working on a series of pieces honouring the groin and pubic hair in all its wonder but damn it’s hard to find any hair down there these days. From the bush to the Brazilian and everything in between, bring me your pubic do to be preserved in an artwork for evermore….

Cancer Charities – Having made two posters to raise money for Breast Cancer UK, I’m now using the same process for the benefit of other cancer charities. They’ll all follow the same pattern of being arrays of the same body parts of many, many people. So bring me your bums, balls, boobs and groins (to fight colorectal, testicular, breast and gynaecological cancers) and help me make these fundraising posters a reality.

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