Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis
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“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.”  – Amy Poehler

The Great Wall of Vagina only exists because an small army of volunteers came and helped me, over the course of five years, to make it happen. My current output only happens because my studio assistants and my PA take care of so many things. This business is a kaleidoscope of moving parts, which on my own I would be overwhelmed by. It is only with the help of others, both paid and voluntary, that the magic happens. If you would like some work experience in a professional artist’s studio or are looking for a job with me then please see the positions listed below. Then feel free to email my PA for more information, including some information about you and idealy a CV.

Assistants Jamie McCartney

Assistance Needed

Workshop Volunteers – There’s always room for one more! We frequently have students or recent graduates seeking work experience in a busy working studio.

Office Volunteers – If you are looking for some arts admin work experience and have the right skill set to get involved then please do. We often need help with specific projects such as putting on exhibitions and events (such as Glastonbury, Pride etc) as well as help with our social media, web updates etc.

Freelance makers, sculptors, mould makers, painters etc – If you are an experienced workshop artist or film technician etc that is happy to freelance for another artist on a per project basis please get in touch. Skills we’re looking for include life casting experience (particularly full bodies), Plastiline sculptors, silicone rubber and fibreglass mould makers, special effects painters, spray painters, metal workers and anyone else who might have a skill set we coud use. We’re open to suggestions…

Moped and bicylce mechanic/engineers – We have a number of ongoing vehicle projects here, all related to our art business, They are all pretty quirky and they all need varying degree of TLC, There’s our Piaggio Ape pick up that needs some love, a pedal-powered Trabant that really needs to be uprated to run better, a 1980s Velosolex moped and a 1953 Mercier moped both of which are currently non runners. Any enthsusiast who might want to get involved on an ad hoc, quid pro quo and other Latin phrases basis do say hi…