Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis
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Genital Art

An ongoing series of artworks created from casts of male and female genitals. Jamie’s notorious, twenty-six feet long, sociopolitical sculpture, The Great Wall of Vagina may in fact be the most famous genital artwork ever made. Time will tell but with the amount of press and public interest the sculpture gets it augurs well. Jamie’s plunge into the murky waters of genital casting started many years ago when he was commissioned to make an artwork for an erstwhile sex museum in London, called Amora.

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The artwork he created was The Spice of Life, a title indicative of the huge variety of shapes and sizes among normal human genitals. When you’ve seen what everyone else has, you’re gonna feel fine about your own. That’s the ethos behind these works, as well as a little whimsy. The often humorous titles  of these works belie the serious message they convey. Using humour is a great tool when seeking to  encourage social change. Humour gets under the radar and past people’s natural resistance to tricky subjects. Having said that it can’t all be serious, sometimes the humour is the whole purpose of the piece. So go on, have a rummage…! 🙂

See the models page if you would like to know more about being included in Jamie’s future genital artworks…

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