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Bra Spangled Banners

“The flag is the embodiment, not of sentiment, but of history” – Woodrow Wilson.

A photographic series of flags made from hundreds of volunteers in their underwear. Launched in October 2016 in respect of breast cancer awareness month, 10% of all sales will be donated to Breast Cancer UK. Since 2014 I have been using my artworks to gently raise awareness and funds to fight the disease. For a guide to buying these flags see the purchasing FAQ page.

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Flags are symbolic, as is the act of subverting them. Some of my work uses the emotions people attach to such symbols for sociopolitical effect but this series is just about the joy of making cool visuals and supporting a good cause. I’m not beating you up with a message here. Life’s too short to be serious all the time. If you’d like to order a particular flag then do email me with your ideas. You may wish to look at the commissioning FAQ page first.


Model for my bra flags…

It’s taken me over five years to assemble the individual bra images needed to make these flags, working with hundreds of volunteer models. As it stands I’m limited in my palette by the colours of the underwear my models have brought along. Red, white and blue have been fairly numerous, which is clear from the flags I’ve done so far. I want to do more colourful ones so if you like what I’m doing and have a good selection of underwear and an unfulfilled exhibitionist side just itching to escape do email me. I literally can’t do it without you so grab ALL your undies and come on down. You may wish to read the Models page for more information. Discretion assured.


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Bra Spangled Banner

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Cool Bratannia

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Liberté Deshabillé Sororité

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Loud and Proud

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Oh Canada!

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Pride and Glory