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COVID-19 – Artists Supporting Artists

COVID-19 – Artists Supporting Artists



Artists Supporting Artists – I’m spending 10% of my income to help other artists survive

I personally pledge to spend 10% of the value of all new commissions or sales on other artists’ work, until this crisis is over. Many other artists have joined the pledge. If we all support each other that money just keeps circulating. It’s a win win.  #artistssupportingartists

 The artist’s life is a precarious one. Most are living hand to mouth. One sale can keep a career going. That is more true now than you can imagine. Many of us do not have large reserves. The longer this goes on the more studios will close, the more artists will give up. We will need the arts and culture to drive the reconstruction of a better world. Let not our world be culturally impoverished by the loss of artistic talents to uncreative jobs. Please support the artists you know or collect, your local artists and the arts in general. If you can afford it, please make purchases, commissions or donations. If you buy from me know that I’ll be immediately buying from other artists to help them get through too…



ARTIST SUPPORT PLEDGE was set up by Matthew Burrows on the 16th March 2020 in response to the COVID19 pandemic. Since then it has become a global movement towards a generous culture and economy in support of artists and makers. The project officially uses social media platform Instagram, which is a popular platform for artists to post images and share their work. Artists and makers can post their images using #artistsupportpledge giving details of their works and price (no more than £200 or equivalent). If people are interested in buying, they message (DM) the artist. Anyone can buy the work and artists don’t need permission to join. Every time an artist reaches £1,000 of sales, they pledge to buy £200 of work from other artists.

Since I have nothing for sale for as little as £200 I have adapted the pledge to suit the value of my works, taking into account their production costs which are sometimes as much as half the sale price!




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