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    26th Nov - 10th December 2019 Jamie will next be visiting his Florida studio to coincide with exhibiting at Art Week in Miami. The studio is in Fort Lauderdale just off Las Olas Blvd. He'll also be visiting clients in Miami and Tampa.   MEET THE ARTIST - If you would like to meet Jamie to discuss a commission or model for his new work whilst he's in your area please contact him at the studio:   PRESS ENQUIRIES: Visit the contact page for email, phone or social media options      

    Jamie McCartney is 'Freeing the Nipple' Saturday 22nd June   Jamie is up to his sociopolitical tricks again but this time his focus is nipples! Jamie will be taking to the streets of Brighton on Saturday 22nd June 2019 to distribute hundreds of plaster cast nipple fridge magnets. After sticking the magnets to every piece of metal street furniture between the Old Steine and the West Pier, Jamie and his gang of merry pranksters from Brighton Body Casting will join the Free The Nipple Brighton Walk along the seafront route in support of #FreeTheNipple. It is Jamie's hope that the magnets will be found and used by the public at home, hence spreading the word about the campaign long after the walk. There are 5 different nipples to collect and this really is the only way to get a free Jamie McCartney artwork, whose pieces often sell for thousands. It's a win win win for Jamie, the campaign and the public.   #FreeTheNipple is a feminist movement which seeks equality for women to go topless should they wish to, free from harassment and legal problems. The campaign has extended to social media where men’s nipples are allowed but women’s are banned. The censorship appears to be applied

  The Culture Kitchen 8th June 2019 Jamie McCartney & Richard Strange Brewing pots of inspiring conversation and cooking up food for thought in a Brighton kitchen. Co-Produced and Co-hosted by Kairen Kemp & Giada del Drago, The Culture Kitchen features local and visiting talent. We converse with creatives, dive into their work and comment on current arts & culture topics. [audio mp3=""][/audio] Listen above to our Jamie edit without the music or visit the Culture Kitchen for the full episode:  

    19th - 28st May 2019 Jamie will be visiting his old home town of Pittsburgh to check out the art scene, visit galleries, meet with clients and fans and watch some baseball! Jamie lived in Pittsburgh 1989-91, where he attended Pitt, had his first solo exhibition and developed a life long love of baseball courtesy of the Pittsburgh Pirates. He recently donated work to the Planned Parenthood of Western PA charity art auction and maintains close ties with friends in the city. As an ex resident Jamie remains hugely fond of Pittsburgh and hopes to grow his artistic presence in the city through making new connections and exploring exhibition opportunities.   MEET THE ARTIST - If you would like to meet Jamie to discuss a commission or model for his new work please contact his studio manager, Emily:   PRESS ENQUIRIES: Visit the contact page for email, phone or social media options      

    24th April - 31st May 2019 A selection of figurative bronzes on sale throughout the Brighton May Festival. SPECIAL EVENTS - Open day & meet the artist: Saturdays 11th & 18th May    12 – 5 pm Refreshments provided   Address: 70 Western Rd, Hove BN3 2JQ      

    16th May 2019 Jamie will be making a flying visit to Jersey in the Channel Islands to deliver a sculpture, check out the art scene, visit galleries and meet with clients & fans. MEET THE ARTIST - If you would like the chance to meet Jamie to discuss a commission or enquire about his work please contact his studio manager, Emily:   PRESS ENQUIRIES: Visit the contact page for email, phone or social media options      

[caption id="attachment_8281" align="alignnone" width="596"] Jamie McCartney at Frieze New York 2019[/caption] I'm attending the VIP events Frieze and The Other Art Fair All weekend I will be casting volunteers' vulvas for the latest incarnation of  The Great Wall of Vagina - (title TBD). Anybody local is welcome to apply to participate. please enquire in the link below. WHEN: May 2nd - May 6th 2019 WHERE: Wall Street, Manhattan - enquire now for further information.

[caption id="attachment_8224" align="alignnone" width="1162"] Jamie McCartney discusses The Great Wall of Vagina at Brighton Talks Sex[/caption] I'm the headline speaker at the Brighton Talks Sex January event 'Just for the Girls'. WHEN: January 22nd 2019, 7.30-10.30pm WHERE: Freemasons Tavern, 39 Western Rd, Hove, BN3 1AF I will be discussing The Great Wall of Vagina - what's it's all about, why I did it, how I did it and what I've learned. Also speaking are Hanna Angell on sex after birth and Becky Price on the art of receiving. Please visit the Eventbrite event page or the Facebook event page for more details and to reserve your place.

I'm constantly in need of volunteer models to create more national flags for my Bra Spangled Banner series. I make these flags by taking photos of my volunteers wearing as many bras as they can bring, using a modified document scanner. This generates very high resolution images showing all the details of the fabric and the flesh. Hundreds of scans are then assembled to create these iconic national flags. Grab a friend and ALL your bras and swimwear and come on down to be scanned! I particularly need many yellow and green bras (which are really hard to find!) but any colours will do. I’m also making similar works with pants so bring those too if you’re feeling brave! Anybody is welcome and if you have loads of colourful bras and swimwear, or lots of tattoos or colourful hair or anything to add to the mix then please come along. It’s fun! The underwear scanning takes place in at my Brighton studio and also at my exhibitions, wherever they may be. Please email the studio for more details and to reserve your place. 10% of sales benefit breast cancer charities anywhere I sell these works.

Ich suche Frauen vor Ort, in Berlin, welche als Volontäre, für die Erstellung der deutschen Flagge, für meine Serie "BH – Flaggen (Bra Spangled Banners)" mitarbeiten. Ich erstelle diese Flaggen, in dem ich Fotos von den Volontären mit einem modifzierten Documenten Scanner mache, die Volontäre bringen möglichst verschiedene BH mit. Die Bilder sind hochauflösend und zeigen Texitl und Haut. Hunderte von Scans werden dann zu der Ikonischen Flagge zusammen gefügt. Nehmt eine Freundin und alle BH s und Bikini - Tops die ihr greifen könnt und kommt zum scanning! Für die Deustche Flagge benötige ich möglichst viele gelbe BH welche wirklich schwer zu finden sind!!! Aber auch andere Farben sind willkommen. Ich mache auch ähnliche Arbeiten mit Pants so bringt auch Pants wenn ihr mutig seit! Alle sind willkommen und wenn ihr bunte BHs habt, Bikinis oder andere Badesachen mit Tatoos und buntem Haar oder allem anderen was die Mischung interessant, bunt macht, bitte kommt !!! Es macht Spass! Der Event wird in einem privaten/ abgeschirmten Raum der Galerie Rowland Kutschera am 28 April ab 12 Uhr Mittag stattfinden. Kontaktiert die Galerie für Details und einen Termin. 10 % der Verkaufserlöse gehen an die Krebshilfe.