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Turning Torso

Sculpture of a female torso in bronze, designed as a suspended, spiral wrap around the body which reveals her inside contours as well. Suspended on a very fine, almost invisible wire, she appears to float in space, slowly turning in even the most gentle of breezes. I’ve used the natural curves of her body to direct the lines of the spiral, which appear to run up and down her body as she turns. She has a beautiful figure and the sculpture suggests that her beauty goes beyond the skin.

The piece is in reverence of Escher and Dali, who both explored this meme. Usually the inside of a bronze casting isn’t visible and is just a rough unfinished texture. Because here it is visible the inside is worked by hand to a smooth finish, making each of the edition slightly different. The inside has a darker patina than the skin side to enhance the contrast. Alternative bronze finishes including classic black, brown and verdigris are available.

If you prefer we can make the groin area of yours less anatomical or you might be interested in my Skin Deep sculpture which is altogether more discreet.

They can be suspended from a simple ceiling hook, from a wall bracket or a free standing pole. If required, these can be designed individually to suit your requirements.

Material: Natural bronze with clear lacquer finish

Size cm: 69h x 33w x 23d
  inches: 27h x 13w x 9d

Edition: 6

Price: £14,000     (does not include hanging bracket)

For guidance on buying visit: Purchasing FAQ 

For a portrait of yourself visit: Commissioning FAQ