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Cassiana, with her gorgeous, long, russet hair and beautiful, pale skin reminded me of the famous painting of Ophelia from Hamlet, drifting in the brook where she drowns. Inspired by the painting, I’ve suggested the watery environment through carefully adjusting the external lighting. She is dappled in ghostly light, playing on her body through the surface, her hair and body floating in a deep, dark void. She is not Ophelia though; she is not drowning. She calmly and serenely surfaces, reaching from the water to announce herself. There is no sense of struggle. Like a mermaid this dark water is her domain.

These photos are supplied acrylic face-mounted, ready to hang on the wall, eliminating the need for framing. If however you prefer to buy just the unmounted print only, please enquire about those prices.

Material: Fuji Pearl archival C-type photographic paper

Extra Large size: £4800    Unique – Edition of 1
cm: 90w x 180h     inches: 36w x 71h

Large size: £2480    Limited Edition of 3
cm: 61w x 122h     inches: 24w x 48h

Medium size: £1500     Limited Edition of 7
cm: 45w x 90h     inches: 18w x 36h

Small size: £940     Limited Edition of 11
cm: 30w x 61h     inches: 12w x 24h

(NB prices are ex VAT so UK & EU customers please add 20% for the vat man)

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