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This is a complimentary piece to Fallen Angel. They would look amazing side by side or on opposite walls. Stephen’s toned but lean body and Mediterranean colouring made him ideal for such a piece. What inspired me though was a small crucifix he wears as a ring. It was perfect. It’s a cruciform pose and is clearly referencing Christ but he appears to be walking towards you, arms outstretched to hug you. I exaggerated the wounds and allowed them to smear against the glass of the scanner so they look wet. I wanted them to really stand out from the otherwise muted tones. Barbed wire replaces a crown of thorns for a more contemporary depiction. Enigmatically it crosses between crucifixion and resurrection in one image. I think that gives the piece its power. The keen-eyed will spot a very good reason why this isn’t in fact Jesus.

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