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Natasha Marley

A nude lifecast sculpture of glamour model and porn actress Natasha Marley in fibreglass

Standing female nude sculpture of glamour model and porn actress Natasha Marley in high heels and nothing else. Commissioned for the private home of a doctor in Houston, Texas, USA. She is designed for display up against a wall, looking back over her shoulder (hence the fixtures in her flat palms).

The speed and realism of the life casting process has really brought the cost of  life size, figurative sculptures within many more budgets. The previous method of building up the figure in clay on a complicated steel armature was hugely time consuming, expensive and arduous for the model. My process will have you in and out of the studio in just a couple of hours and will be perfectly accurate. Only the hair and eyes need to be sculpted in the traditional way, saving a huge amount of time. We can of course alter anything you don’t like and enhance your best features.

Cold casting is the a process by which powered metal (in this case aluminium) is blended with catalysed resin and cast into a mould. When hardened the high metal content can be polished to a bright shine resembling foundry cast metals but at a significantly lower cost. They are a strong but lightweight alternative to foundry cast metals such as bronze.


Material: Cold cast aluminium and fibreglass

Size cm: 198 h x 60 w x 35 d    (includes base)
  inches: 78 h x 24 w x 14 d

Edition: Unique

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