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Lucky Strike

Lucky strike, like so many of my titles is a bit of a joke but with serious undertones. It is a collage of mousetraps put together in the shape of a cigarette packet with one cigarette sticking out of the top, as one might offer one to somebody. This is painted with the Lucky Strike cigarette logo.

Each mousetrap is primed and loaded with a Lucky Strike cigarette. To take a cigarette would mean instant pain. It is a piece which tempts you to have a cigarette and at the same time is a big tease. There is a sting in the tail. It was created to highlight the addiction trap of tobacco smoking and the push-me-pull-you of desire versus logic, reward versus pain.

Material:  Lucky Strike cigarettes, mousetraps, paint.

Size(cm):  39h x 27 w x 3d
Size(inches): 15.5h x 10.5 w x 1d

Price: SOLD

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