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Avi is a contortionist and tiny. She came to model with Rachael, her 6’ friend with blonde hair down to her knees. I’d been advertising for unusual models and these two were a real gift. I did a couple of set ups with Avi but this is my favourite. Why Goddess? This wasn’t what I had imagined. Really I was working with her flexibility and striking features. Once assembled though I was reminded of ancient religious art, particularly Indian temple sculptures – but she could come from almost any culture. She has this unearthly quality and a determined, confident look. She isn’t any particular goddess, just an ancient spirit whose name is long forgotten. I’ve presented her on a large canvas, giving her space to perform, glowing against the black space behind her.

These photos are supplied acrylic face-mounted, ready to hang on the wall, eliminating the need for framing. If however you prefer to buy just the unmounted print only, please enquire about those prices.

Material: Fuji Pearl archival C-type photographic paper

Large size: £2640    Limited Edition of 3
cm: 122w x 90h     inches: 48w x 36h

Medium size: £1600    Limited Edition of 7
cm: 90w x 61h     inches: 36w x 24h

Small size: £840     Limited Edition of 11
cm: 45w x 30h     inches: 18w x 12h

(NB All prices are ex VAT so UK & EU customers please add 20% for the vat man)

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