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Free the Nipple

Jamie’s long belief in the value of the artist as activist found a new outlet in the Free The Nipple campaign. He’s been up to his old tricks again, plaster casting hundreds of body parts but this time it was nipples. In the morning before joining the Free The Nipple March on Brighton seafront Jamie and his band of merry pranksters distributed hundreds of plaster cast nipple magnets, sticking them on anything metal they could find.

Naturally they instantly became the ‘must have’ collector’s items and by the time the march was over the free artworks had mostly been ‘liberated’ by the eager public. Now Jamie McCartney originals are holding notes on fridges all over Brighton, spreading the ‘freeing the nipple’ message for long after the march is gone and forgotten. There were 5 different nipples to collect

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and they’ve been seen being sold and exchanged around town as people endeavour to collect the set.

#FreeTheNipple is a feminist movement which seeks equality for women to go topless should they wish to, free from harassment and legal problems. The campaign has extended to social media where men’s nipples are allowed but women’s are banned. The censorship appears to be applied randomly and without sensible guidelines so artworks showing bare breasts are often removed and the poster’s profiles senselessly deleted. This leads to emotionally difficult isolation from their online community which we feel is an absurd and draconian reaction to something as mundane as a nipple. Censorship of any kind, particularly of the arts, sets a dangerous precedent and should only be applied in extreme circumstances.


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