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Dukes@Komedia Legs

I was commissioned in 2012 to create a pair of 3m long cancan legs for the new Duke at Komedia cinema in central Brighton. The Duke of Yorks is the oldest continually running cinema in the UK. It is much loved by the local population as are the cancan legs atop its roof. They wanted to maintain the basic ‘branding’ of the legs but were open to suggestions as to what small changes I could make to suit the new location at Komedia, a well-known comedy club.

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My solution was first to reverse the legs so the other one was kicking and change the colour scheme to work with the existing signage. The final flourish was to have one of the shoes kicked off and hanging precariously off the roof. This visual gag suits the comedy club environment, establishes a similar but unique personality for the venue and maintains the all-important brand logo. The agreed scheme was presented to the committee in the form of a scale model of the entire frontage with the new legs in place. Needless to say they loved it!

In the end I kept the original legs as the kicking one to accommodate the cinema sign located close by. Other than that they went ahead as planned. They were originally sculpted from polystyrene blocks. These were test fitted at the location to iron out any problems and then clad in fibreglass and painted with car paint for a long lasting finish.

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