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Dreaming of the Beach

Jamie McCartney Dreaming of the Beach

This was first experiment outdoors. Shot on Brighton nudist beach we soon gathered quite a crowd around us. Katie is a hippy chick for whom lying naked on the beach is quite natural. The strong sunshine bouncing off the pebbles and her pale skin completely blew out the exposure but I went with it, liking the effect and the intensity it. The tones of the stones and flesh all work together with just her strawberry blonde dreadlocks providing any depth of colour. We see though her sunglasses to her eyes, the only feature in her almost alien face, giving us an intimate moment as we stare down on her bathed I light. It’s like she is drifting off in her bed, imagining herself on the beach. Happy accidents like these are what happen when you keep pushing the equipment. It remains one of my favourites.

These photos are supplied acrylic face-mounted, ready to hang on the wall, eliminating the need for framing. If however you prefer to buy just the unmounted print only, please enquire about those prices.

Material: Fuji Pearl archival C-type photographic paper

Extra Large size: £4800    Unique – Edition of 1
cm: 90w x 180h     inches: 36w x 71h

Large size: £2480    Limited Edition of 3
cm: 61w x 122h     inches: 24w x 48h

Medium size: £1500     Limited Edition of 7
cm: 45w x 90h     inches: 18w x 36h

Small size: £940     Limited Edition of 11
cm: 30w x 61h     inches: 12w x 24h

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