Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis
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Stylised figurative sculpture commission inspired by my Skin Deep edition and heavily influenced by Escher drawings. The spiralling peal around the body reveals the inside contours of her body as well. I’ve used the natural curves and features on her body to direct the lines of the spiral, concentrating on just the torso from the groin to the breast. She has a beautiful figure and the sculpture suggests that her beauty goes beyond the skin. Usually the inside of a bronze casting isn’t visible and is just a rough unfinished texture. Because here it is visible the inside on each of the edition is worked by hand to a high level of finish, making each one different from the other. Exposing my slightly obsessive side, I often finish the backs of my artworks which would generally never be seen. The inside has a darker patina than the skin side to enhance the contrast.

Material: Bronze on a marble base

Size(cm):     Size(inches):     (with base)

Edition: Unique

Price: £19,000 to commission 

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