Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis
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I met Candice at a house warming party in Florida and thought she was rather stunning. When I worked in India I’d fallen in love with their beautiful temple art. The elephant god, Ganesh, was a favourite of mine so I immediately recognised him as the fabulous tattoo on her back and we chatted for a while about that and yoga and stuff. Later in the party I saw her again, naked and half way a 24 foot stripper pole that rose from a red, baby grand piano to the double-height ceiling. I’d had no idea she was the stripper! We became good friends and she has modelled for me several times. She’s beautiful, flexible and athletic and her hair is an ever-changing kaleidoscope so she’s really a perfect model. She’s also a beautiful human being and a joy to spend time with. You’ll recognise her in another full body image titled ‘Doggy’.

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