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24 Women

These collector’s edition panels are constructed from plaster casts taken from women’s vulvas in exactly the same way as The Great Wall of Vagina. Their presentation is exactly the same style of satin finish, powder-coated, welded aluminium frames as the original Great Wall of Vagina panels, as seen at the Trinnale di Milano museum in Milan and various other venues. These collector’s panels are available in different layouts. This particular panel is one row of ten casts.

The Great Wall of Vagina has had such a great impact on the lives of women it has become an icon of contemporary feminist art, made all the more prescient becasue it was made by a man (with the help of 400 women!). As it can only be in one art gallery at one time, I have created these panels for sale to the public that will end up all over the world, spreading the word and interest in the original artwork.


Material: Architectural plaster in an aluminium frame.

Size(cm): 50w x 50h x 8d

Size(inches): 20w x 20w x 3.5

Edition: 6

Price: £3,900.00

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