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10 Women – Vertical

A panel of ten plaster cast vaginas (vulvas actually but vagina is the most commonly used term for the female genital area). These collector’s edition “vagina panels” are constructed from plaster casts taken from women’s vulvas in exactly the same way as The Great Wall of Vagina. Their presentation is the same style of satin finish, welded aluminium frames as those panels. This particular panel is one column of ten casts but they are available in many different layouts.

Since even before it’s first exhibition in 2011, The Great Wall of Vagina has had such a huge impact on the lives of women around the world. It has been constantly in the international press since it first went on TV in 2008 when only ten percent complete. As it can only be in one art gallery in one city at one time, I created these other panels for sale to the public that are ending up all over the world. They are just the most fabulous talking points, generating interest and spreading the hugely important social message contained within in the original artwork.

Only six of each layout will ever be made so these are really rare collector’s items.

You may also choose to commission panels in any size and shape that can contain vagina casts made specifically for you or a selection chosen from the other panels.

Material: Architectural plaster in an aluminium frame.

Size cm: 10w x 122h x 8d
  inches:  4w x 48h x 3d

Edition: 6 (only 4 left)

Price: £2,550.00
NB. All prices are exclusive of VAT. 20% sales tax will be added to orders sold within the UK and the EU. The rest of the world will not have VAT added on.

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