Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis
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Major Works

Magnum Opus: noun  mag·num opus  \ ˈmag-nəm-ˈō-pəs \

a great work; especially the greatest achievement of an artist or writer

These works are those that I am most proud of and those have received the most media attention or critical acclaim. My Magnum Opus is without a doubt The Great Wall of Vagina which took me five years to complete with the help of four hundred volunteer models and an army of workshop assistants. It has been constantly in the international media since 2008, long before it was even completed and has a huge social media footprint.

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If the purpose of an artwork is to move and inspire this is a winner. Beyond that it actually effects social change. Those that have experienced the work are transformed by it, as witnessed by the numerous comments posted on the website. As an artist I am hugely fulfilled to have created an artwork that actually changes people’s lives. What greater honour can there be?

The other significant works here all have a deep, personal resonance and a strong, social purpose. I make my work from the heart. I hope they will move and inspire you as well.

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Portfolio Switch Featured Image
Portfolio Switch Featured Image