Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis
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“I could be that tenebrous enigma that floods out your words with sighs and frustration.”

Moonshine Noire

Enigmatic is an overused word. Humble apologies for continuing the trend but these photos fit outside the other categories. They may share elements with eroticism but they’re also something else. Some portray a unique or peculiar physical attribute. Others may reveal a side of someone that is deliberately styled to express something internal or designed as a show and tell (or show and not tell).

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Tattoos fit neatly under this umbrella. In fact I’d like to work with a lot more tattooed people, recording and honouring the artist, the patron and the canvas which all combine in a tattoo. If you have some interesting ink and like the idea, please email me with some photos or phone for an informal chat and lets see what we can create together. Discretion assured.

If you’d like to commission me to pass my lens and artist’s eye over your particular thing then do also get in touch. You may wish to read the Commissioning FAQ page for more information.

Commercial enquiries also welcome.

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