Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis
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  MUS-E-X -  Lisbon, Portugal is a pedagogical museum about female sexuality, launching in June 2022. The first of its kind in the country, it's inaugural exhibition, Amor Veneris, is a six month long, immersive art exhibition featuring my world famous vulva panel artwork, The Great Wall of Vagina. The project is conceived and curated by Marta Crawford, a Portuguese psychologist, sexologist, author, TV show host, podcaste and activist for sexual health. This exhibition, located at Pálácio Anjos, will also feature works by Fernanda Fragateiro, Ana Rito, Inês Norton, Louise Bourgeois, Adriana Varejão, Sarah Lucas, Sophia Wallace, Paula Rego, and Janine Antoni, among others, site-specific installations, such as those by Ana Pérez-Quiroga and ERROR-43, and the video art of Ana Rocha de Sousa, as well as interactive scientific installations relating to the functioning of the brain.            

Hearts Art Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia is featuring my genital panel artworks at their highly anticipated show, Sensual Expression. This exhibition will premiere the brand new penis artwork 3x3, a much requested smaller version of the influential 4x4 panel.            

  4th - 12th December 2021 Modern life is too complex for me! As an experiment in simplification I intend to rid myself of all my possessions and document the process for later artworks. I want to start again with an empty box and choose carefully what I put in it. Is this even possible?! As part of the AOH (Artist Open Houses) festival this winter I will be selling off my entire private art, antique and artifact collection from my home and online. Included among over 150 items on same will be many things that have influenced my work alongside many of my own original artworks. Nearer the time I will be posting a link here to the online auction and the AOH online sales page so you may participate even if you are unable to visit. I will be opening my doors for the weekends of 4/5 and 11/12 December. Private visits outside of these dates are possible by appointment any time from 1 November to 31 December.   PRIVATE VISITS - If you would like to visit the house outside of the AOH weekends please email and make a really good case for a private view!   PRESS ENQUIRIES: Visit the contact page for

    1st - 13th June 2022 I will be visiting Japan for the first time in summer 2022. My itinerary will take in Tokyo and several cities in search of appropriate galleries and museums to exhibit my work. As a huge Japanophile it is amazing to me I have never visited the country. As well as admiring the food and contemporary art cultures I have been an enthusiastic collector of shunga for many years. An exhibition of The Great Wall of Vagina planned for Tokyo in 2013 was cancelled due to its branding as an obscenity by the Tokyo police (see article). Since then the country's censorship of the arts and its uneasy relationship with erotica has fascinated me. I have corresponded with Japanese artists and read much about their history of erotic art, which for many years was considered taboo. My work has also featured frequently in the Japan Daily Press and Weekly Gendai publications. At last I have a chance to experience the culture first hand and forward my cause to exhibit my vulva artworks in Japan.   MEET THE ARTIST - If you would like to meet Jamie to discuss a business opportunity or to model for his new work whilst he's

    24th Nov - 1st December 2021 Jamie will next be visiting his Florida studio to coincide with Art Week in Miami. He will attend the Art Basel preview days on Nov 30 and Dec 1 and is available for interviews, gallery meetings and private commission enquiries. The studio is in Fort Lauderdale just off Las Olas Blvd.   MEET THE ARTIST - If you would like to meet Jamie to discuss a business opportunity or to model for his new work whilst he's in the area please contact him at the studio:   PRESS ENQUIRIES: Visit the contact page for email, phone or social media options      

    I'm a Keynote Speaker for this World first event! Catch me at 8pm UK time (12 noon PDT) Sign up below for a free ZOOM link to the event: Connect on ZOOM   I’ll be giving a short 20 minute interview, discussing my notorious Great Wall of Vagina sculpture alongside other genital artworks, explaining their relevance and context within a new movement of genital art - should be fun!! There'll be some surprises as ever as I’ll be showing some examples of clitoris casts and some brand new work including a glass cast from inside the vagina

    WATCH IT NOW! A BRIEF HISTORY OF GENITALS Live webcast from the studio - Thursday 28th May at 5.30pm UK time (12.30pm ET)  with the Wilzig Museum in Miami. Watch on FACEBOOK: Also on ZOOM: I’ll be giving you a video tour of my studio, discussing my current work and it’s context within the history of genital/erotic art - should be fun!! And YES I’ll be showing some of the actual Great Wall of Vagina panels

    Artists Supporting Artists - I'm spending 10% of my income to help other artists survive I personally pledge to spend 10% of the value of all new commissions or sales on other artists' work, until this crisis is over. Many other artists have joined the pledge. If we all support each other that money just keeps circulating. It's a win win.  #artistssupportingartists  The artist's life is a precarious one. Most are living hand to mouth. One sale can keep a career going. That is more true now than you can imagine. Many of us do not have large reserves. The longer this goes on the more studios will close, the more artists will give up. We will need the arts and culture to drive the reconstruction of a better world. Let not our world be culturally impoverished by the loss of artistic talents to uncreative jobs. Please support the artists you know or collect, your local artists and the arts in general. If you can afford it, please make purchases, commissions or donations. If you buy from me know that I'll be immediately buying from other artists to help them get through too

    (Updated 1-4-21) I'm opening the studio to the public again April 12!! Following government guidance I’m delighted to announce that we can open again to the public on April 12th. I run a covid-secure workplace with all the usual protocols in place to keep everybody safe safe. The studio is very well ventilated and we have a HEPA air filter that constantly cleans the air, circulating through six times an hour!  Please wear a mask on arrival. There is hand sanitiser for you to use as and I regularly clean surfaces and commonly touched items. I will be wearing a mask to greet you. Thank you for bearing with me. This year of closures has been extremely trying but fortunately, I've weathered the storm and look forward to welcoming you back. Thank you for your support x I'm experiencing some email issues so please phone if possible to book your studio visit  **********      

  [caption id="attachment_11287" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Removing a body cast from a mould at one of my temporary studios[/caption]   WINTER & SPRING FLORIDA STUDIO VISIT I will be a visiting artist in residence in Florida again this winter (Nov 24-Dec 1) and next spring (Mar 1-31). The studio is in Fort Lauderdale just off E. Las Olas Blvd. I’ll also be driving to visit clients in Miami, Key West and Tampa and will be happy to meet anywhere on route discuss sculpture commissions and exhibiting opportunities.   MEET THE ARTIST - If you would like to meet me to discuss a commission or model for my new work whilst I'm in your area please contact me at the studio:   PRESS ENQUIRIES: Visit the contact page for email, phone or social media options