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Boudoir Commissions

“Sex is more exciting on the screen and between the pages than between the sheets” – Andy Warhol

There is no escaping the eroticism of what I do. Nor would I want to! These commissioned portraits focus largely on the mid section of the body, front or rear, where all the excitement is found! Their eroticism is achieved though the passive, unflinching exhibitionism of the model and the voyeurism of the viewer. Working with the body of another person is a privilege I never take lightly. Their beauty and sexuality is to be celebrated.

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They are often enhanced by model’s/client’s lingerie, underwear or fetish wear, as they so desire. It is always their own clothes, chosen by them, to present themselves how they feel the most sexy. The intimacy of this process lends itself well to these smaller portraits, which simply ooze sexuality. Perhaps Andy Warhol was right – sex is more exciting on the screen.

Unlike most so called ‘boudoir’ photography these are more private, not revealing the identity of the model. Anonymity is the key to these sexy images, allowing my models to fully disinhibit and enjoy the inherent exhibitionism involved in such a display. Only they will know who the photo is of, as well as perhaps the chosen few they wish reveal that too when  the time is right. What an entirely sexy way to behave!

They are of course achieved through close collaboration and discussion between me and my models/clients to achieve that passive sexuality that is so enigmatic and erotic to observe. These single or composite images are quick to shoot once we’ve come up with the idea and are hence much faster and less exhausting for me and my model than the larger, full body portraits.

To discuss a commission just email me with your thoughts or phone for an informal chat and lets see what we can create together. You may wish to read the Commissioning FAQ page for more information. Discretion assured.

Commercial enquiries also welcome.

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