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Vulva Panels

These collector’s edition vagina* panels are constructed from plaster casts taken from volunteers’ vulvas in exactly the same way as The Great Wall of Vagina. Their presentation is in the same style of satin finish, welded aluminium frames as those panels. They are available in many different layouts but only six of each layout will ever be made so these really are rare collector’s items.

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You may also choose to commission panels in any size and shape or multiple panel arrays as well. Your panel can contain random vagina casts or you may choose a selection from our ever-growing ‘vagina library’** or they may be cast specifically for you from your own chosen model/s. Hence even within the editions, each panel will be completely different.

The miniature panels are small versions of panel 5 from The Great Wall of Vagina. After 3d printing the small panel each individual vagina had to be re-sculpted by hand to maintain all the intricate detail. This was a painstaking and technically difficult process. Even though they are small, they’re still 40 things that needed to be accurately portrayed, including miniature piercings etc. These miniature panels represent the same amazing variety as the original casts.

Since even before it’s first exhibition in 2011, The Great Wall of Vagina has had such a huge impact on the lives of women around the world. It has been constantly in the international press since it first went on TV in 2008 when only ten percent complete. As it can only be in one art gallery in one city at one time, I created these other panels for sale to the public that are ending up all over the world. They are just the most fabulous talking points, generating interest and spreading the hugely important social message contained within in the original artwork.

* The use of “vagina” rather than the medically correct term “vulva” is something we have given much consideration to. Although we concede that it is helpful in some instances to use medical words, ‘vagina’ is by far the most commonly used term for the whole female genital area, despite it being literally the birth canal only (derived from the Latin work for sheath). We feel that using common parlance is critical when trying to reach and educate the greatest number of people in the greatest number of countries.

**We are still casting volunteers to appear in these artworks. if you would like to know more about getting involved please see the models page.

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Sample vulva panels showing relatives sizes

Life Size Vulva Panels

These are all available to order (limited editions of 6). Bespoke panels may be ordered any size, shape & quantity of casts or as multi-panelled arrays:

6 Women

7 Women – Vertical

10 Women – Vertical

10 Women Horizontal

16 Women

20 Women

24 Women

57 Women

70 Women

40 Women – Bronze

4 Women – Bronze

Miniature Vulva Panels

These are all available to order (see the main text above for more info)

Great Wall of Vagina Mini Panel 5 – Plaster

Great Wall of Vagina Mini Panel 5 – Aluminium

Great Wall of Vagina Mini Panel 5 – Bronze

Great Wall of Vagina Mini Panel 5 – Plaster and Aluminium

Great Wall of Vagina Mini Panel 5 – Glass