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Great Wall of Vagina – Videos

Interviews, TV programmes and publicity films specifically featuring The Great Wall of Vagina. For videos also featuring my other work please visit the main videos page.

Vagina vs Vulva – Miami Art Week 2019

Maria Marante stops Jamie McCartney, at a Miami Art Week party, for a quick interview about the purpose behind The Great Wall of Vagina and the reasons behind the title…

Stupefiant! – France TV 2 – interview with Jamie McCartney

A short interview (dubbed into French) with Jamie in his studio that delves into his vagina artworks past and present.

New Scientist – Jamie at Glastonbury with The Great Wall of Vagina

Sex and science and rock & roll? Celebrating the diversity of human sexual organs at a world famous music festival is all in a day’s work for Zoe Cormier.

Jamie collaborated with Guerilla Science on their ‘Harvey Nipples’ installation at the Glastonbury Festival 2014, featuring part of The Great Wall of Vagina

Full story:…

Glastonbury Festival News – interview with Jamie

Jamie appeared as ‘Harvey Nipples’ in the Guerilla Science eponymous installation at Glastonbury 2014. Later rebranded as ‘Heavenly Nipples’, Jamie presented part of The Great Wall of Vagina as well as doing live scanning of festival goers for his future projects.

Behind Closed Doors – interview about The Great Wall of Vagina

Alicia Aberley interviews me for Behind Closed Doors episode 9… “During our fun and interesting conversation Jamie and I chat about: • body casting • penis sculpting • labiaplasty • loving our bodies • what was involved in the 5 year creative process • the details of the sculpture • how the sculpture is impacting the lives of women • and so much more”

Skin Deep Exhibition – Cork Street, London

As part of his latest exhibition at Hay Hill Gallery, artist Jamie McCartney presents a large-scale wall sculpture entitled, The Great Wall of Vagina – which consists of an entire wall taken over by sculptural casts of female genitalia. The work may seem shocking but there is good reason: to attempt to counter the recent rise in cosmetic labial surgery.

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The exhibition also includes the artist’s latest body of work entitled Physical Photography, which takes a similarly direct approach to the human form. Using a document scanner to photograph his models, he brings a close up and vivid realism to these life-sized portraits. The beautiful images are testament to what happens when you let an artist loose on a bit of technology.

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Skin Deep Exhibition on Latest TV

Latest TV previews artist Jamie McCartney’s SKIN DEEP exhibition on London’s Cork Street. Featuring The Great Wall of Vagina and the artist’s latest body of work entitled Physical Photography.

SKIN DEEP opened at the Hay Hill Gallery on London’s Cork Street on May 8th 2012. It ran until June 9th after a week long extension due to popularity.

Sex How to Do Everything – Design A Vagina

In its early stages The Great Wall of Vagina was known as “Design A Vagina” as a comment on ‘designer vagina’ surgeries. In this 2008 film from a ten part Channel 5 series exploring sex and sexuality, Jamie casts a woman who feels insecure about her labia. The experience totally changes her feelings about herself. These early successes inspired Jamie to continue the work and develop it into the now famous artwork.

La Muralla Vaginal – Colombian TV

A Spanish language Colombian TV programme, Mi Revolucion Erotica all about La Muralla Vaginal aka The Great Wall of Vagina.

BBC3 – Russell Howard’s Good News

I was asked to appear as a guest on the show in the Headliners slot. All a bit silly really but if it gets The Great Wall of Vagina to a new audience then what’s the harm? Russell Howard’s Good News Series 7 Episode 12

Is My Vagina Normal? Dr Phil’s Embarrassing Problems

Dr Phil Hammond reviews The Great Wall of Vagina book, which demonstrates the range of normal, healthy genital appearance. Also included are with the stories of 100 of the women who took part, in their own words.

Intime Kunst! Dieser Mann ist der Meister der Gips Vaginas – TV

Scheide, Möse, Muschi, Pussy — das sind nur vier von unzähligen Begriffen für das weibliche Geschlechtsteil. Doch selbst Jahrzehnte nach der sexuellen Revolution fällt es vielen Frauen schwer, ungeniert über ihren Hot-Spot zu sprechen. Der britische Künstler Jamie McCartney (40) scheint ein Mittel gegen diese Ängste zu haben. Er überzeugte 350 Frauen, sich ihm zu öffnen und einen Gipsabdruck ihres Geschlechtsteils machen zu dürfen! Das kunstvolle Ergebnis: die große Wand der Vaginas.

A Fior Di Pelle – ITALIAN VERSION – RSI 04 marzo 2012

Un documentario TV della Svizzera italiana sul mio lavoro per le serie Physical Photography e casting della vagina per la mostra Skin Deep alla Hay Hill Gallery di Londra, maggio 2012

Jamie McCartney: an interview with the artist

A short interview with Jamie McCartney by some media studies students about The Great Wall of Vagina sculpture and exhibition.

The Great Wall of Vagina Exhibition

Akshata Rao reports on The Great Wall of Vagina which premiered at the Brighton Fringe Festival in 2011. It features plaster casts of vulvas from 400 women. One of the oldest volunteers, a 76 years old, shares her experience.

The Great Wall of Vagina – Part 2 “The exhibition”

Capturing the very first public exhibition of the Great Wall of Vagina sculpture in the artist’s studio, May 2011. A taste of the exhibition and a short interview with Jamie at the end, talking about how it felt to finally put on the show.

The great wall of vagina exhibition

At the first exhibition of the Great Wall of Vagina sculpture, artist Jamie McCartney talks to Latest TV about his work, how the show is going and the souvenirs people are buying…

The Great Wall of Vagina – Part 1 “The Making Of”

For six months a documentary team followed sculptor Jamie McCartney as he strove to complete the Great Wall of Vagina sculpture. As well as filming all the processes involved and interviewing Jamie after the wall was finally finished they also spoke to a number of the women who were cast. This is the story of how the Great Wall of Vagina was made…

The Great Wall of Vagina – Brighton Festival Fringe

Sculptor Jamie McCartney talks to the Fringe in his studio all about his vagina sculpture.

The Great Wall of Vagina press clip

One man, five years, 400 women. A short film all about how and why the Great Wall of Vagina came into being.