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The Great Wall of Vagina – Comments


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Kay Kay wrote on June 27, 2016:
"Freedom from Genital Anxiety." I love it! I have never discussed this problem about myself with anyone as I thought it was only my issue. After sustaining a 4th-degree vaginal laceration while giving birth to my child over 12 years ago, my external genitals are deformed and unsightly. My labia are exceptionally thick and my labia, vulva and vaginal opening are extremely elongated - extending from my clitoris all the way down to my anus. I am so embarrassed about the appearance of my vagina, that I have refused to let anyone see it, including my husband and my doctor. This hasn't been so good for my marriage (or my health, I suppose!).

This exhibit has helped me so much!! Perhaps now, I can feel somewhat comfortable allowing my husband and doctor to take a quick peek at my genitals. Maybe I can even feel a little proud - proud of what I was able to sustain (and survive) in the name of childbirth!

Seriously, that has been such an oppressive issue for me. Thank you for freeing me from my genital anxiety! ๐Ÿ™‚
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