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The Great Wall of Vagina – Comments


Showing Normal Vulva Varietyย  –ย  Easing Genital Anxietyย  –ย  Celebrating Vaginas

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Vee Mercer Vee Mercer wrote on August 19, 2016:
The Great Wall of Vagina panels are reproductions of vulvas varied and beautiful all. As a lesbian, I would like to decorate my home with at least one copy. I find the bronze medium to be visually hard, and cold...and I would like the artist to consider making a limited edition in a plastic medium to closely mimick the plaster. I would purchase one even before it is created...because I will never have the opportunity to view in person. Such beauty needs to be shared with the world, Jamie - made available to the masses to teach humankind to accept and love themselves as they are...designer vulvas have no character.
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