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The Great Wall of Vagina – Comments


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Amanda Amanda wrote on November 3, 2017:
Your art is so beautiful I want to cry. I am pregnant with twins right now. I have given natural birth to 3 beautiful children already. I endured a surgical cut from my vaginal opening to my anus to get my first son out. They did not sew me up straight. Before giving birth to my beautiful children I was sexually assaulted in a mutilating fashion. I was left with discolored stretched labias. I once had someone laugh and tell me to pull my pants back up because he thought my vagina was ugly. I have been told that I am unclean and had no option to tell someone I wanted to take it slow because I wasn't pretty down there. People can be so cruel. You don't have to post my comment but I am OK with it if you do. I am crying because I have looked through all of the panel's and I feel beautiful too. I don't feel dirty. I feel pretty. You are so beautiful for this. Thank you.
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