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The Great Wall of Vagina – Comments


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Nickie Thomas Nickie Thomas wrote on January 7, 2018:
I purchased the 'Great Wall of Vagina' book recently. I had seen a documentary about Jamie's work years before and thought he was doing ground breaking work artistically as well as helping many women to celebrate the uniqueness and normality of their 'lady parts'. I was medically very traumatised by doctors at puberty becoming a medical research object because of my sister having already been found to have had an Intersex condition (DSD). I suffered repeated unnecessary internal examinations and was photographed naked, my private parts were also photographed when I was further examined under general anaesthetic. You can imagine that such trauma left me with a lot of psycho-sexual scarring. It has taken me decades to come to like and accept my 'lady parts'. I only found out that my 'lady parts' had found to be normal at the age of 33 ( from my medical notes). The medical profession have done nothing to validate any issues of damage at all and have tended to project everything back onto me as though I am the problem. So I am very grateful for Jamie's book, for it has further reassured me that there is no one or right way to look, where it comes to 'lady parts'. I have written a narrative about my medical experiences and try where I can to highlight issues within the medical establishment that clearly need to change. Jamie's book has done a lot to open up a subject area, very important to a lot of women. I think that every GP and gynaecologist should possess a copy of Jamie's book. Thank you Jamie. Nickie Thomas
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