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The Great Wall of Vagina – Comments


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Tom Haines Tom Haines wrote on September 4, 2018:
First, congratulations on having the #1 work of art with the vulva as the subject, in the entire history of art. And, you had some major competition; going up against Gustave Courbet.โ€The Origin of the World.โ€ and...ahhh... errr...hmmm...ahhh, thatโ€™s about it, up to and including mainstream film and cable TV. The penis may be filmed, up close, well lit, for an extended period of time, semi-erect, and now, fully erect. Actors equity has give the go ahead for showing a full erection in off-Broadway plays. The vulva, on the other hand has hand one mild exposure with Rasario Dawson in "Trance", unless you want to count the 1/4 second of Sharon Stoneโ€™s vulva line, from a distance, in heavy shadow in โ€œBasic Instinct.โ€ Wow, what an uproar that created. Itโ€™s still being talked about. Thank you for exposing a history long myth, that the vulva/vagina is ugly, gross, and discusting, and showing the world what it really is; beautiful, diverse, and a defining part of the female anatomy that should be admired, celebrated, and enjoyed by the whole human race, both male and female. 50% of British women and 54% of Australian women have never seen their own vaginas. This must be changed, as well as the words from a Hollywood actress, โ€œYou can feel it, you can finger it, you can f**k it, but donโ€™t even think about looking at it."
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