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The Great Wall of Vagina – Comments


Showing Normal Vulva Varietyย  –ย  Easing Genital Anxietyย  –ย  Celebrating Vaginas

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Ana De la Torre Ana De la Torre wrote on March 8, 2020:
He descubierto con mi รบltima pareja, un hombre algo mayor que yo, รฉl 66 y yo 61,que la vulva, los labios, en definitiva el sexo de la mujer, es bello de mirar... yo siempre creรญ que era algo feo. Ahora despuรฉs de ver este trabajo tan divertido, me doy cuenta lo equivocada que estaba!!!

I have discovered with my last partner, a man somewhat older than me, he 66 and I 61, that the vulva, the lips, in short the sex of the woman, is beautiful to look at ... I always thought it was something ugly. Now after seeing this job so fun, I realize how wrong I was !!!
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Ruzanna Orduyan Ruzanna Orduyan wrote on November 19, 2019:
Thank you for your authentic, empowering and meaningful artworks. The time will prove the real value of your works because so far they have been underrated.
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Deanna Elio Deanna Elio wrote on September 3, 2019:
I love this. My only wish is that we called things what they really are, by replacing 'vagina' with the word 'vulva' to clear up further misconceptions. Overall though, this is a gorgeous work and I'm sharing it with anyone who will look!
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Hannah Hannah wrote on July 31, 2019:
I am incredibly greatful to whoever did this. You just made me cry in the middle of the night in my bed. I think i'll come back to this whenever i'm feeling insecure. Thank you so much!
Please ceep going, way more people (girls!) need to see this!
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Stephen D Stephen D wrote on March 26, 2019:
Iโ€™m so impressed at this work. Itโ€™s strange to view all these beautiful vaginas without it being sexual, but itโ€™s more than that. So may girls are shy, self conscious and embarrassed to have a normal and beautiful vagina. They are wanting to emulate the porn star pussy which is more a slit without any character. Now I feel mean saying this as a girl born within a porn star pussy still has a beautiful vagina. Itโ€™s just that everyone should embrace their own beauty. Iโ€™m not an expert but Iโ€™m sure that menโ€™s penises are just as different but neither males or females are criticizing them for being different. It might be small it might be huge but itโ€™s a penis, why girls canโ€™t have the same attitude to their own bits saddens me. I have a beautiful partner with a beautiful vagina who is embarrassed and hates her vagina. This makes me so so sad as itโ€™s beautiful, itโ€™s hers, its unique and itโ€™s exquisite.

Come on girls embarrass your difference, itโ€™s that which makes you beautiful.
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Laysa Maรงรฃo Miranda Laysa Maรงรฃo Miranda wrote on December 10, 2018:
Your work is wonderful. It shows the world that vulvas aren't only like those we see on movies and those kind of things. Congratulations!
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Lily Rose Lily Rose wrote on November 19, 2018:
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been trying to find pictures of vulvas that resemble mine, with both long outer and inner labia, several times, but only found it here! ๐Ÿ™‚
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Leigh Leigh wrote on September 11, 2018:
So grateful this work exists! Thank you for all that you do!
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Tom Haines Tom Haines wrote on September 4, 2018:
First, congratulations on having the #1 work of art with the vulva as the subject, in the entire history of art. And, you had some major competition; going up against Gustave Courbet.โ€The Origin of the World.โ€ and...ahhh... errr...hmmm...ahhh, thatโ€™s about it, up to and including mainstream film and cable TV. The penis may be filmed, up close, well lit, for an extended period of time, semi-erect, and now, fully erect. Actors equity has give the go ahead for showing a full erection in off-Broadway plays. The vulva, on the other hand has hand one mild exposure with Rasario Dawson in "Trance", unless you want to count the 1/4 second of Sharon Stoneโ€™s vulva line, from a distance, in heavy shadow in โ€œBasic Instinct.โ€ Wow, what an uproar that created. Itโ€™s still being talked about. Thank you for exposing a history long myth, that the vulva/vagina is ugly, gross, and discusting, and showing the world what it really is; beautiful, diverse, and a defining part of the female anatomy that should be admired, celebrated, and enjoyed by the whole human race, both male and female. 50% of British women and 54% of Australian women have never seen their own vaginas. This must be changed, as well as the words from a Hollywood actress, โ€œYou can feel it, you can finger it, you can f**k it, but donโ€™t even think about looking at it."
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Jenni Hudson Jenni Hudson wrote on April 2, 2018:
I would love to see this in a gallery. Would be great to visit with my client group to not only see the diversity but also to help improve body confidence. This article is beautifully unique and I imagine seeing it is a great tool to aid women feel better about themselves. Please keep me updated to when it is on exhibit.
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Nickie Thomas Nickie Thomas wrote on January 7, 2018:
I purchased the 'Great Wall of Vagina' book recently. I had seen a documentary about Jamie's work years before and thought he was doing ground breaking work artistically as well as helping many women to celebrate the uniqueness and normality of their 'lady parts'. I was medically very traumatised by doctors at puberty becoming a medical research object because of my sister having already been found to have had an Intersex condition (DSD). I suffered repeated unnecessary internal examinations and was photographed naked, my private parts were also photographed when I was further examined under general anaesthetic. You can imagine that such trauma left me with a lot of psycho-sexual scarring. It has taken me decades to come to like and accept my 'lady parts'. I only found out that my 'lady parts' had found to be normal at the age of 33 ( from my medical notes). The medical profession have done nothing to validate any issues of damage at all and have tended to project everything back onto me as though I am the problem. So I am very grateful for Jamie's book, for it has further reassured me that there is no one or right way to look, where it comes to 'lady parts'. I have written a narrative about my medical experiences and try where I can to highlight issues within the medical establishment that clearly need to change. Jamie's book has done a lot to open up a subject area, very important to a lot of women. I think that every GP and gynaecologist should possess a copy of Jamie's book. Thank you Jamie. Nickie Thomas
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Amanda Amanda wrote on November 3, 2017:
Your art is so beautiful I want to cry. I am pregnant with twins right now. I have given natural birth to 3 beautiful children already. I endured a surgical cut from my vaginal opening to my anus to get my first son out. They did not sew me up straight. Before giving birth to my beautiful children I was sexually assaulted in a mutilating fashion. I was left with discolored stretched labias. I once had someone laugh and tell me to pull my pants back up because he thought my vagina was ugly. I have been told that I am unclean and had no option to tell someone I wanted to take it slow because I wasn't pretty down there. People can be so cruel. You don't have to post my comment but I am OK with it if you do. I am crying because I have looked through all of the panel's and I feel beautiful too. I don't feel dirty. I feel pretty. You are so beautiful for this. Thank you.
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Polly Haste Polly Haste wrote on June 7, 2017:
Jamie, a few years ago you gave the Sex Education Forum permission to use some
of your images in our teaching resource 'Outside the Box' to address
child sexual exploitation. I just wanted to thank you for this
opportunity as the images have been universally well-received by the
teachers, youth workers, care workers and social workers that we train.
They have found a wealth of creative ways to respond to your images to
address issues such as body confidence, anatomy and sexual pleasure in an open and safe way. Your images have enabled them to explore the true range of 'normal' with vulnerable young people for whom a positive sense of their own bodies is essential for keeping safe.
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Carolina Murcia Carolina Murcia wrote on May 8, 2017:
Jaimie, you should be nominated to the Nobel Peace Prize. Your work is bringing peace of mind to so many women (and men, I suppose) who measure bodies by an unreal standard, causing reactions that span from simple shyness and unhappiness to anxiety, depression and self loathing. Forget politics! Peace is achieved changing peopleยดs minds in a positive way, one person at a time. This work teaches us to love ourselves and accept others as they are. Good job and thank you!!!! I hope one day I can see your job at a museum.
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Sonya Sonya wrote on April 25, 2017:
I went to my doctor to see about surgery on my labia, feeling that birthing three big babies had taken its toll. Instead of surgery my doctor referred me to "The Great Wall." The medical community and the art community working together for the greater good! Hooray!
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Julia Fiske Julia Fiske wrote on February 20, 2017:
My boyfriend told me about the Great Wall of Vagina when I told him that I was considering labiaplasty surgery. Your work totally changed my mind. So many women, myself included, have no idea that there is such a large variety in female genitalia. I appreciate your work, it helped me to see myself differently and not give in to yet another unrealistic standard of beauty for women. Thank you.
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Lili Lili wrote on January 10, 2017:
Et bien moi aussi, j'aime mon sexe maintenant, avant j'avais honte, mais aprรจs avoir vu tous ces sexes diffรฉrents, j'ai regardรฉ le mien et me suis รฉtonnรฉe de le trouver si beau. Votre travail est extraordinaire. Merci du fond du coeur !

Well I love my pussy now, before I was ashamed, but after seeing all these different pussies, I looked at mine and am surprised to find it so beautiful. Your work is amazing. Thank you from the heart !
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Elizabeth Elizabeth wrote on January 6, 2017:
I love my vagina now, thank you forever and ever, you are even better than Santa Claus
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Angelique Angelique wrote on October 28, 2016:
My husband told me 22 years ago that my vulva look asymmetrical and weird. I still have to think about that from time to time and how hurtful it was and how insecure and degraded I felt. It still fells like a little pinch to my heart.
I think I was his first "real" woman he saw naked in daylight. Back then he had a stack of porn in his bachlor apartment and all the vulva's in those magazins looked the same. I would call them designer pussies.
This Delusion of conform beauty invented of the plastik surgery through our own insecurities must end.
I am so thankful that you created "The Wall of Vaginas".
Thank you.
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Ellen Ellen wrote on October 7, 2016:
Thank you for making this extremely important and impressive work. Every woman in the world needs a copy of the book. I forward the website of the great wall of vagina to so many women. I now feel less alone. And much more normal. Thanks again.
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Vee Mercer Vee Mercer wrote on August 19, 2016:
The Great Wall of Vagina panels are reproductions of vulvas varied and beautiful all. As a lesbian, I would like to decorate my home with at least one copy. I find the bronze medium to be visually hard, and cold...and I would like the artist to consider making a limited edition in a plastic medium to closely mimick the plaster. I would purchase one even before it is created...because I will never have the opportunity to view in person. Such beauty needs to be shared with the world, Jamie - made available to the masses to teach humankind to accept and love themselves as they are...designer vulvas have no character.
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Lauren Deighton Lauren Deighton wrote on July 12, 2016:
In my work as a sex and relationship therapist, I regularly come across women who have very low self (body) image and who believe that their vaginas are ugly, disgusting, misshapen... I have often showed them images of Jamie McCartney's vagina casts in a bid to educate these clients about the huge diversity - and beauty - of the female form, and to challenge the notion that there is such a thing as 'normal' in terms of shape and size of the vulva. The Great Wall of Vagina is therefore a hugely valuable educational resource which can change women's - and their partners' - attitudes and beliefs, and which ultimately can help bring about self-acceptance as well as enhance intimacy in relationships. We need to see this piece of work permanently exhibited somewhere!
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Kay Kay wrote on June 27, 2016:
"Freedom from Genital Anxiety." I love it! I have never discussed this problem about myself with anyone as I thought it was only my issue. After sustaining a 4th-degree vaginal laceration while giving birth to my child over 12 years ago, my external genitals are deformed and unsightly. My labia are exceptionally thick and my labia, vulva and vaginal opening are extremely elongated - extending from my clitoris all the way down to my anus. I am so embarrassed about the appearance of my vagina, that I have refused to let anyone see it, including my husband and my doctor. This hasn't been so good for my marriage (or my health, I suppose!).

This exhibit has helped me so much!! Perhaps now, I can feel somewhat comfortable allowing my husband and doctor to take a quick peek at my genitals. Maybe I can even feel a little proud - proud of what I was able to sustain (and survive) in the name of childbirth!

Seriously, that has been such an oppressive issue for me. Thank you for freeing me from my genital anxiety! ๐Ÿ™‚
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Delphine Amer Delphine Amer wrote on May 30, 2016:
What you have done with your brilliant idea to display a wide diversity of vaginal areas is make it possible for young women to accept themselves and love themselves just the way they are. Young women these days have so much working against them in a world where pornography is rampant and respect for women a dying concept. You are empowering many with this art and as a mother of three young women, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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Jade Jade wrote on May 19, 2016:
Thank you so much for this. As someone who likes to help out other people and give advice, I tend to have to explain that all vaginas look different. I know I used to be insecure of mine until I came across this, and to help other women I share this site and these photos with them. You've really helped a lot of women with this, and I appreciate that.
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Christiane Christiane wrote on May 13, 2016:
Thanks ever so much!!! Owning a rather fantastic specimen myself I'm very happy to have been able to have a glimpse on this variety... Not until recently working as a nurse did I realise HOW different human bodies are, both male and female. A thrilling experience... I hope as many people as possible may see your work. And I hope that the information that there is no such thing as a standard body may be passed on particularly to teenagers.
Open-mindedness, humor, unrestricted curiosity, acceptance... thank you for all this!
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Ken Ken wrote on May 7, 2016:
Somewhere between hideous and the best thing ever created. Should world war 3 emerge, few things will remind us of the value of human life, other than the place where life began. (Bucket list - Check X )
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Christine Christine wrote on April 14, 2016:
Hi Jamie,
I want to take the time to write to you because I want you to know how much I appreciate the work that you've done. I was just googling what was a normal vagina because I was always insecure of mine, sort of like when men say their an average size? We're all so different. And, women don't normally talk about what they look like. It's not an open discussion. After stubbling upon your work, I feel much better and sort of ridiculous that I even felt that way.... that being said, thank you!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
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Sarah Martin Sarah Martin wrote on April 8, 2016:
This is such a moving and beautiful work of art, and has the power to transform lives. Really! As a clinical sexologist, one of the most common questions underpinning my clients' concerns is - "Am I normal?" And can we really blame anyone for wondering this? When our bodies are shrouded by shame and taboo, we can become separated from ourselves. This work honours and empowers and should be celebrated.
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Maureen Calder Maureen Calder wrote on March 15, 2016:
Totally enthralled by your bravery. You are a credit to your sex. Removing the taboo of the beauty of nature should be displayed in our galleries universally. I love and admire you.
Maureen Calder New Zealand
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Lรฉonie Hartley-Hoover Lรฉonie Hartley-Hoover wrote on February 26, 2016:
A very interesting, informative and enlightening study. Congratulations Jamie on a magnificent project!
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Hollie Osborne Hollie Osborne wrote on February 8, 2016:
Hi Jamie, your work is wonderful! Please keep doing what you do, you're an inspiration!
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Christa Christa wrote on February 5, 2016:
Thank you Jamie, your work is amazing. I feel better now!
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Marianna Marianna wrote on January 16, 2016:
Hello, I always felt terrible about my vagina because I though that my lips were very big and It was a problem. I suffered of depression because of it, I was thinking for a long long time to go to a plastic surgeon and cut it off and, then, I found this amazing work and It completely changed my mind. I am happy to say that seeing stories like mine made me find that I was completely normal and that I need to love my body just the way it is. I do not want to go through surgery, I do not want to be the one who ignored that I am normal just to padronize my body and I am feeling like I am winner. I am a winner for accepting me and for having in mind that I am not alone. Women, love your bodies. I love you! For each story! I am 20 years old.
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Elise Elise wrote on January 16, 2016:
I found your work by surprise and I'm really impressed. The idea is just gorgeous! There's so much aesthetics in the wall of vaginas. I think a lot of women are insecure about how the vagina looks like and what is "normal". your work shows that each of them is unique and beautiful in their way. Thanks a lot for that contribution. Is there any chance to admire the wall in reality this year??? thanks a lot!
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Patrick Smith Patrick Smith wrote on May 11, 2015:
Every woman I ever knew, in my 68 years, living in and serving in the military in 16 nations, over 20 years, was self conscious about her body, personality, future, in that order.

Your works help with all three, because self-confidence is a first step to success in love, in society, in work.
Having never met a human I didn't like, there are some with whom I could not possibly agree!
But, I have NEVER seen a vagina that wasn't really, truly, gorgeous, even though it is only a small part of the
marvel that is woman!
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Kimberly Kimberly wrote on April 18, 2015:
Hi! I just wanted to say that your project is awesome (Great Wall of Vagina). If I ever have kids I will have this book in my house while they grow up. I was very self-conscious about my vagina, never EVER talked about it. I actually didnโ€™t know what it even looked like until I was in my 20โ€™s, and when I did muster the courage to take a peak, after much encouragement, I wasnโ€™t sure I liked what I saw. I thought what I had was rather abnormal but figured Iโ€™d just accept it, then I saw your project!!! Funny thing is, Iโ€™ve seen your project before but didnโ€™t have the courage to really look at it or let it talk to me back then. I thought that it was obscene and guarded myself against thinking about it. After reading this Guardian article (in which your project is mentioned) I figured I had too do it because I really wanted to come to accept what I had. Itโ€™s so weird that I would have ever felt threatened by this!!! Anyways, wanted to just write to say thanks for your work putting this project together!! This is a pretty great contribution ๐Ÿ™‚

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Di Vuk Di Vuk wrote on April 13, 2015:
Thank You for this. You don't know how huge thing you're doing and how different my life would be if i saw this before. Now it's too late for me, and my health, because it got ruined by labpl. But it isn't late for others and i honore and thank You for this. I thought i was different, hated myself and didn't wanna be with anyone. I think that it is important to have a sexual education in every country. We need to start loving ourselves the way we are. <3 We are all beautiful. Thank You, <3 keep on doing it, we love you
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Hayley Smith Hayley Smith wrote on April 1, 2015:
I love your work and the ethos behind it! Keep it coming, because more love for variation is sadly needed more than ever. I don't have an iPhone but would love your phone cover, if you ever expand your range out to a Samsung please email me! : )
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Rachelle Rachelle wrote on March 30, 2015:
You are doing a good thing here. You should feel good about the impact your work is having on others. Thank you.
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Cunnilo Cunnilo wrote on March 27, 2015:
What a wonderful project to show every woman how different and "normal" every vulva is in this way! The way how beautiful the vulva seems like, is only depending on the females owner personality and carisma.
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Hanna Hanna wrote on February 5, 2015:
I just want to say what a great thing this is. This piece helped me grow to accept my lady bit as it is, no matter what it looks like. This is awesome and such a confidence booster! Kudos to all of the women who participated. Beautiful.
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John LoMonaco John LoMonaco wrote on December 21, 2014:
As a plastic surgeon, I applaud this bold project that will no doubt help women understand the normalcy and individuality of their vulvas. When I see a patient, I limit my consultations only to those who have severe physical symptoms from excess tissues. In the past, this was an issue that was rarely discussed and almost never treated.

As for purely cosmetic changes, well, they to stay. The Italian Renaissance values of form, simplicty, and clarity also apply to the human body. The ogee curve is beautiful in art, architecture, and anatomy. There are those people who wish to change their body parts to be closer to this ideal. While people may have an opinion on the moral and ethical righteousness of this, it is important to remember that no decision is more personal than what we chose to do with our own bodies.
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Daniel Singh Daniel Singh wrote on October 10, 2014:
Fantastic effort,work and achievement. My wishes to all those brave women for sharing their very personal secrets which has made general public very much informed and educative,making them come out of the myths about the details of the vagina.
My sincere suggestion is to separate the natural vagina's from the labiaplasty Vagina's and organised by age.
eg ist display of natural unaltered vagina's from 18 to 86 years old
2nd display of labiaplasty vagina's.age wise
3rd display of vagina's of transgenders age wise
4th display of vagina and clitoris pierced
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Helen James Helen James wrote on October 7, 2014:
This important piece of art has allowed my daughter and I to discuss and explore how everyone is different and beautiful. She was able to share her thoughts and worries and to appreciate how normal and lovely she is. We also enjoyed being part of a fellowship of women, all different and all to be celebrated. I would recommend it to all parents.
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Catherine Macfarlane Catherine Macfarlane wrote on October 1, 2014:
I like your idea. everyone needs to know our parts are all normal, unique and beautiful. we don't need to look like porn stars to be beautiful, we need to appreciate how we were made.
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Tina Tina wrote on September 24, 2014:
I saw your work on the documentary โ€žThe Perfect Vaginaโ€œ and I absolutely love what you did. Showing women that their vulvas are unique and nothing to be ashamed of is essential. Even though I think this way, I am a victim myself; thinking that my vulva is not pretty enough, not normal. More than once I have considered getting plastic surgery but thankfully I have never had it done. Watching the documentary though, and especially the parts about your project, the Great Wall, has motivated me to really like my vulva. We are not on a 100% yet, but we are working on it. THANK YOU
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Anna Anna wrote on September 10, 2014:
Upon viewing your project I was filled with a mixture of emotions, including wonder, relief, and appreciation - appreciation not just for the beauty and differences of the female form, but for your project, which celebrates the female form. I can't begin to imagine the wonderful things your project has done for people, women and men alike, all over the world.
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Charlie Charlie wrote on September 6, 2014:
I think this study is a very good thing for every woman to check out so it shows they are normal. It is not a pervert show, it is real life art. Every Woman is different and so is every man. At some stage of ur lives we must accept that we are all 'normal'
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Erik Erik wrote on August 7, 2014:
I just wanted to say this is a great work of art. I am an FTM transgender (not transsexual, my body is still completely unaltered, sadly), and seeing all these vaginas... specifically those of other FTM people makes me feel much more at ease with myself. Having a vagina and being a man doesnt necasserily have to contradict, I see that now. I still hate my anatomy with all of my body, but I can at least feel a bit more peace in the fact that I am simply born this way and will necer have a real penis now.
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