Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis
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“Sculpture is what you bump into when you back up to see a painting.” – Barnett Newman

Sculptures in this instance refer to all three dimensional works. If it exists in space and you can touch it, in my mind it is a sculpture. I work in many materials including bronze, glass, marble, ceramic, plaster, fibreglass and found objects. I sell limited editions and one-off unique works through gallery exhibitions and directly to the public as well as undertaking commissions for private individuals, institutions and public spaces.

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My move into three dimensions from the usual two (teehee!) began with magazine photo collages and subsequently collages of  paper, canvas and other flat materials. I began incorporating objects into these until they became almost entirely assemblages of objects. These, I was forced to admit, were essentially wall hanging sculptures. I had become a 3 Deviant!

Although I had messed around with clay sculpture, these attempts were just childish and unsophisticated. My first free standing sculptures of any merit began with arrangements of found objects, which when lashed and welded together became people and animals. I worked to find the essence of the thing rather than truly represent it. In due course I set up a forge, making animals by welding and bending and bashing hot steel. I had finally come off the wall, as they say.

The legacy of my early works remain with me to this day. I still create many wall-hanging sculptures as well as corruptions and constructions of found objects. Much of my sculptural work, indeed of all my work, is still figurative in nature, concentrating on my love of the human body and sympathy for the human condition.

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