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The Impossibility of Passion

Another sculpture in my continuing exploration of Neo-Surrealist themes. Twice runner-up in art competitions she always gets plenty of attention and no wonder really. So many figurative pieces one looks at only once, before moving on. This one, cast from life to achieve the desired realism, is presented just like a normal bronze figure, however, she is a real anomaly and one just can’t help staring at her for a long time. I find my brain constantly looking for the other leg and end up staring her in the nipple because she has no face. It is the only point to fix on.

Her animated pose suggests she is involved in a passionate argument. Yet this cannot be possible as despite her body language, she has no mouth with which to explain. Her single breast and leg, narrow body and the lack of a head are disturbing to the eye, yet she remains strangely sexy. This dichotomy is the power of the piece, as your response to her as a woman, as a passionate woman, is at odds with her physiognomy.

She is a curious piece. One can only admire, never kiss, never talk to, never make love to. She is sexy, without sex. She is passionate but there is no possibility of passion with her. She is an enigma, a frustration, a freak. She prompts us to consider the impossibility of passion in our own lives.

Also available as a miniature.

Material: bronze (in your choice of light or dark patina), travertine base

Size(cm): 161 h x 49 w x 49 d    Size(inches): 63 h x 19 w x 19 d   (with base)

Edition: 9

Price: £22,000

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