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Reclining Nude

She is a beautiful serpentine shape with a silky smooth surface. You just want to run your hands over her. This sculpture is just the front surface of her  body, there is no back to her. I like the way you can see her contours from within and without. The reverse of each cast in the edition is finished by hand to achieve a contrast between the inside and outside of her. Usually the inside of a casting would not be visible and is just a rough unfinished texture. Here it is worked to a high level of finish revealing my slightly obsessive side where I often finish the backs of my artworks as well. That makes each individual casting a little more unique than usual.

Material: Bronze on a travertine base

Size cm: 90w x 50h x 30d   (includes base)
   inches: 36w x 20h x 12d

Edition: 9

Price: £9800

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