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O Limp Pricks

This image of the Olympic flag made from casts of the head of my penis was created in protest before the games in 2012. It is a whimsical piece, which was intended to lampoon the people who had made such a mess of things prior to the actual games, which in themselves were great.

I was outraged by the reports in the media about the way the business of the games was being handled. LOCOG were stopping people showing their support for the Olympics by creating innovative shop displays and exciting events. Shopkeepers were being told to remove anything representing the ‘rings’ from their displays or risk prosecution. Didn’t they want people getting excited?? It was utterly ridiculous.

Seb Coe saying you couldn’t wear branded clothes to the events that don’t reflect the official sponsors was also absurd. How dare the IOC try to subject the British people to such draconian strictures? I decided to make my feelings known and send a strong message to those in charge that they’ve totally unnecessarily pissed off a lot of people. The Olympics supposed to be fun. It’s time they looked up the word ‘games’ in the dictionary. Freedom of expression is surely more sacred than a few bloody coloured circles

Don’t fuck with the artist!


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