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Marble Bust

carved marble breasts on a post and plinth

A commission carved in pure white Statuario Italian marble from the famous Carrara quarries.

The same marble Michelangelo used from the same quarries, in use now for nearly 2000 years ???? To get the best pieces to work with you have to go there and hunt around the stone yards until you strike gold (or calcite actually!)

I begin with taking studies from the body using various techniques including sketching, body moulds, 3D scanning, photography, photogrammetry and video. From low tech to high tech I use all tools at my disposal to capture your form for the original ‘study’.

From this I work with skilled artisans to create your commissioned sculpture in your choice of stone or bronze at any scale from life-size to miniature or monumental. Imagine this 20 feet high in your garden! ???? or maybe as a pair of gold cuff links. I love a challenge…

I work with clients all over the world so distance from my UK studio is no barrier. Let me know your ideas, however crazy. Crazy is good! ????


Material: Carved Carrara Statuario Marble

Size cm: 198 h x 60 w x 35 d    (includes base)
  inches: 78 h x 24 w x 14 d

Edition: Unique

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