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Contrapposto – Copper

Sculpture of a female torso in cold cast copper

Sculpture of a female torso in cold cast copper concentrating on her shapely curves.  The title, Contrapposto, is an Italian term meaning ‘counterpose’. Frequently encountered in classical sculpture, the weight is on one leg thus throwing the hip out and with the shoulder on an opposing slant, creating a curving axis and an asymmetrical balance to the figure. This artist’s proof was ordered for a private home, along with my ‘Backstroke’ sculpture. I designed the leather bound bases with copper details for them to compliment their decor. It’s not uncommon for me to alter pieces for particular locations. As with many of my sculptures of body sections, these can be ordered free standing or wall hanging and in various materials and finishes depending on your needs.

Cold casting is the a process by which powered metal (in this case coper) is blended with catalysed resin and cast into a mould. When hardened the high metal content can be polished to a bright shine resembling foundry cast metals but at a significantly lower cost. They are a strong but lightweight alternative to foundry cast metals such as bronze.


Material: Cold cast copper and fibreglass, leather, copper, mixed media

Size cm: 66 h x 40 w x 16 d    (includes base)
  inches: 26 h x 16 w x 6 d

Edition: 6

Price: £1600

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