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6 Women

Material: Architectural plaster in an aluminium frame.

Size cm: 26w x 26h x 8d
  inches: 10w x 10h x 3d

Edition: 6

Price: £2,200

Constructed in exactly the same way as The Great Wall of Vagina, only six of each design will ever be made, thus preserving their collector value. Curate your own vulva wall with single or multiple panels.

Each panel in the series will have random vulva casts in them, so even within the edition of six, each piece is unique. These panels are all made to order so if you have preferences please let us know. You may also choose to include your own vulva cast within your panel or create one from a group of special women.

You may also commission panels of any size or shape to suit your space. Bespoke frame colours are available.


NB. 20% vat will be added to orders sold within the UK.

For guidance on buying visit: Purchasing FAQ 

For a cast of yourself visit: Commissioning FAQ