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“Showing your thong is a bit old now. I’d rather have big knickers showing over the top of my jeans.” – Jodie Marsh.

These photos are the individual elements that I use to make up the photos collages for my charity posters and the new Bra Spangled Banners series. Because of the high resolution imaging I use, the fabric and detailing of the underwear is superb. In juxtaposition with the skin tones and details they are quite stunning. If my models have nearby tattoos or piercings I try to incorporate these to add further personality to the image.

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There’s no denying that underwear is sexy. Some more than others I grant you but they can be highly sexually charged items. When the focus is on just one image instead of in an assembly of many, they are beautiful in their own right with an individual sensuality. They are now for sale or commission individually and in any combination that appeals. Only a small selection is shown here, just to give a flavour of this very intimate method of working. We can also taylor an assembly of parts in the style, quantity and format that suits you.

I think this process could be an entirely original way to produce an underwear or lingerie catalogue, the visuals of which have never been seen. In a world where something so different is bound to catch the eye, such commercial enquiries are welcome.

Model your underwear…

I need literally hundreds of models in order to complete these pieces. If you like what I’m trying to do and have a good selection of underwear and an unfulfilled exhibitionist side just itching to escape do email me. I literally can’t do it without you so grab ALL your undies and come on down. You may wish to read the Models page for more information. Discretion assured.

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