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five plaster cast nipple magnets #freethenipple



five plaster cast nipple magnets #freethenipple



Jamie McCartney is ‘Freeing the Nipple’
Saturday 22nd June 

Jamie is up to his sociopolitical tricks again but this time his focus is nipples! Jamie will be taking to the streets of Brighton on Saturday 22nd June 2019 to distribute hundreds of plaster cast nipple fridge magnets.

After sticking the magnets to every piece of metal street furniture between the Old Steine and the West Pier, Jamie and his gang of merry pranksters from Brighton Body Casting will join the Free The Nipple Brighton Walk along the seafront route in support of #FreeTheNipple.

It is Jamie’s hope that the magnets will be found and used by the public at home, hence spreading the word about the campaign long after the walk. There are 5 different nipples to collect and this really is the only way to get a free Jamie McCartney artwork, whose pieces often sell for thousands. It’s a win win win for Jamie, the campaign and the public.


#FreeTheNipple is a feminist movement which seeks equality for women to go topless should they wish to, free from harassment and legal problems. The campaign has extended to social media where men’s nipples are allowed but women’s are banned. The censorship appears to be applied randomly and without sensible guidelines so artworks showing bare breasts are often removed and the poster’s profiles senselessly deleted. This leads to emotionally difficult isolation from their online community which we feel is an absurd and draconian reaction to something as mundane as a nipple. Censorship of any kind, particularly of the arts, sets a dangerous precedent and should only be applied in extreme circumstances.


Free The Nipple Brighton – Meet at 2 pm Saturday 22nd June 2019:

Old Steine Gardens
BrightonWalk to West Pier at 3 pm The after party:

Glitter Nips x Free The Nipple
Saturday 22nd June 2019
9 pm – 3 am

North Laine Brew House
27 Gloucester Place

For more information on Free The Nipple Brighton please visit:



Contact our studio manager, Emily: or visit the contact page for email, phone or social media options




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