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“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” – Michelangelo

My figurative sculptures usually begin with a mould taken directly from the model or with a 3d scan for the miniatures. These processes produces the most accurate basis for a study of the human body, meaning you get what is there, not what the artist thinks is there. In portraiture it is important to begin with accuracy and then enhance and change to suit the purpose of the work.

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I make a lot of changes to these pieces, taking all sorts of things into account but I always begin with the truth, which remains the foundation of the sculpture. That absolute realism is key to the beauty and believability of the work.

I have been working with the human body for more than twenty five years. Many years working as a sculptor on feature films really honed my craft. Used for everything from prosthetics and battlefield corpses to harnesses for flying actors on wires, life casting is a long established film sculptor’s technique, taking its cue from the great masters of the past.

Since the first thumbprint appeared on pottery, man has been making moulds and casts from his body. Used extensively in studies by such luminaries as Rodin and Degas the process has been recently brought into the mainstream by contemporaries such as Marc Quinn and Anthony Gormley. It is in this fine art arena that I see my practice, bringing with me the methods learnt during my long apprenticeship. Using life casting to create my figure sculptures may appear simple but trust me, it sure isn’t easy!

I utilise the latest materials and processes as I continue to develop this art form in new and interesting ways. I include 3d scanning, printing and milling in my process if suitable to the job. This allows for accurate reductions and enlargements in scale as well as life size reproduction. It can also be of assistance in complicated and dynamic poses.

Suitable for indoor or garden settings these pieces are available to buy or can be created from your own body at my studios in Brighton, England and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I can also set up a studio pretty much anywhere in the world if the size of the job permits it. Having a portrait sculpture of anything from your kid’s face, your own creative hands, your shapely or athletic torso, or your distinguished portrait with the wisdom of age etc is a wonderful way to capture a phase in life and honour your achievements and your loved ones.

I can reduce or enhance whichever areas of your body you feel strongly about and take great pains to produce a work of art that does my model justice. You can be cast nude or clothed (wearing anything from sexy underwear to your work attire, for instance). There is almost an unlimited range of materials and finishes you can choose, from plaster or fibreglass through to glass or bronze and I can even reproduce the final casting in classical marble or other monumental stone at any scale.

If you’d like to ask about commissioning sculpture please email me with your ideas or phone for an informal chat and lets see what we can create together. Discretion is assured. You may wish to read the Commissioning FAQ page for more information.

I also make figurative pieces for other artists and public artworks. Commercial enquiries are welcome.

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