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COVID-19 Studio Update

Jamie McCartney isolating at the studio

COVID-19 Studio Update


Jamie McCartney isolating at the studio


I’m Still Here (but you can’t see me!)

Unfortunately my studio is now closed to the public for the foreseeable future. As I work alone in my studio (and cycle there as my daily exercise) I am continuing to work. This is within current guidelines although this could change. If you have a current order with me rest assured it will still be in production and I will be providing regular updates as usual. However due to most of my suppliers being closed and having no assistants, artworks may take longer than usual to produce if they are not currently in stock.

If you have a studio visit or on-site consultation booked and you haven’t heard from me, please accept my apologies and do contact me at your convenience.


A Personal Note to You…

This global crisis is unprecedented and awful. Let us all consider the medical professionals on the front line who are facing these horrors and dying with their patients. They are the heroes of this war. What lessons we are all learning about what is important to us. I hope some residue of the positive changes many of us are making will persist after this is over. It is a chance for all of us to reassess. We must however never forget the hundreds of thousands of lives that will have been lost to teach us these lessons. Let us honour their loss and the grief of so many families by making sure each of us takes something positive away from this terrible scourge. I am already conceiving what artworks I may make as a memorial to them.

This is a distressing time for us all. Please look after yourself and your mental health. I live alone. I am lonely. I have not touched another human in over a month. I miss the warmth of a hug. Every day I feel like I’m freezing little by little. But however sad it is for me it is worse for so many others. The elderly photographer I care for is worse off. I make distanced visits once a week and call him every day and we moan and laugh together in equal measure. Despite Coronavirus life IS beautiful. Keep it in the day. Don’t give in to fear. Act on evidence not emotion. Everything will be ok. Even if the worst thing you can imagine happens you’ll be ok. Life is not without bumps in the road but you are more resourceful and resilient than you know. If you behave badly it’s forgivable. You are not a bad person. You are just stressed. You can reset your day any time and start over. When all else fails find somebody worse off than you to help. It really works and it’s a win, win. Restore everybody’s faith in humanity. Build your communities. Build a better future. I’m happy to talk to anyone who is afraid or anxious and wants some support. You can email me in the link below.

Meanwhile if you have the means, please keep buying art. The artist’s life is a precarious one. Most are living hand to mouth. One sale can keep a career going. That is more true now than you can imagine. Many of us do not have large reserves. The longer this goes on the more studios will close, the more artists will give up. We will need the arts and culture to drive the reconstruction of a better world. Let not our world be culturally impoverished by the loss of artistic talents to uncreative jobs. Please support the artists you know or collect, your local artists and the arts in general. If you can help with purchases, commissions or donations, please do. I personally pledge to spend 10% of the value all new commissions or sales on other artists’ work, until this crisis is over… #artistssupportingartists





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