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“B is for Breasts Of which ladies have two; Once prized for the function, Now for the view.” – Robert Paul Smith

These photos are the individual elements that I use to make up the photos collages for my charity posters and the other works. The intimacy of my process lends itself well to these smaller portraits, which are a sexy and unusual way to capture a person in their natural, unclothed state. Not everyone wants an artwork of their whole body but most have at least one part of their body they like and many women love their boobs.

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Each portrait is styled to be highly evocative of that person. If my models have long enough hair or necklaces etc I try to incorporate these to add further texture to the image. Tattoos and piercings also serve to evoke an individual’s personality. As single images they can be really stunning and in juxtaposition here with the different skin tones and details etc it’s easy to see why the composite images make such engaging collages.

There’s no denying that boobs are sexy and can make highly sexually charged images. When the focus is on just one image instead of in an assembly of many, they are beautiful in their own right with an individual sensuality. They are now for sale or commission individually and in any combination that appeals. Only a small selection is shown here, just to give a flavour of this very intimate method of working. We can also taylor an assembly of boobs in the style, quantity and format that suits you.

Model your boobs!

I need literally hundreds of models in order to complete these pieces. If you like what I’m doing and have an unfulfilled exhibitionist side just itching to escape do email me. I literally can’t do it without you and if you have some decent underwear too grab it ALL and come on down. You may wish to read the Models page for more information. Discretion assured.

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