Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis
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March 2018

I’m working with local women volunteers in Florida to create more national flags for my Bra Spangled Banner series. I make these flags by taking photos of volunteers wearing as many bras as they can bring, using a modified document scanner. This generates very high resolution images showing all the details of the fabric and the flesh. Hundreds of scans are then assembled to create these iconic national flags. Grab a friend and ALL your bras and swimwear and come on down to be scanned! I particularly need many yellow and green bras (which are really hard to find!) but any colours will do. I'm also making similar works with pants so bring those too if you're feeling brave! Anybody is welcome and if you have loads of colourful bras and swimwear, or lots of tattoos or colourful hair or anything to add to the mix then please come along. It's fun! The underwear scanning will take place in at my private residence with the help of my female assistant to reassure this is totally legit! We may also be able to visit your residence instead if appropriate. We are available in Tampa 15-19 March and at my Ft Lauderdale studio 21-31 March. Please